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There’s a lot of fuzzy thinking today about the government’s role in wiping out poverty. But I’m absolutely convinced that making wise choices on a consistent basis gives you a better shot at winning than waiting on the state to bail you out. And if you’re looking for some guidance on how to make those life-changing decisions, this book is a great place to start.

-Dave Ramsey

Best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

This book is an inspiring and fact-filled guide to personal achievement and financial success for young people. Having spent a lifetime overcoming obstacles himself in the pursuit of personal improvement, few people are more qualified to convince youth that the path to opportunity still exists. Through stories and practical lessons, Segal draws from his own business experience and his volunteer service to youth promoting responsible, engaged fatherhood.

-Don Eberly

Former White House aide, author, and founder of the National Fatherhood Initiative

There is a chronic crisis in American youth. Many of them no longer have strong family support to guide them toward a fulfilling life. They need self-awareness and knowledge to guide them. During eighteen years as Chairman of the National Fatherhood Initiative, John Segal provided leadership for programs and initiatives on responsible fatherhood. In this book he provides guidance to young Americans who can raise their self- awareness and knowledge to become productive adults and citizens. How? Through simple rules for improving their lives!

-Christopher A. Brown

President, National Fatherhood Initiative

You are holding in your hands a treasure. John Segal, with unrelenting practicality, shows a path forward for young people not to survive in this world but to thrive. His words of wisdom extend far past the weekly paycheck of annual salary. This book is a game plan for wise, meaningful living. The young people in your life should read it—and practice it.

-Ronnie McBrayer

Author, pastor, and nationally syndicated columnist

This empowering book could be the best thing you read all year!! John Segal's work is a treasure. It should be read by every youth and every adult raising or mentoring a youth in today's world. Segal draws you in with his straightforward writing style, personal anecdotes, and compelling analyses.


Panama City, FL

One book I didn’t want to end. This book teaches the basics of financial literacy, but isn’t just about how to make money; it is about how to achieve a full and abundant life. This book shows how young people can take action to improve their own lives regardless of their current circumstances. The book is based on the author’s leadership and mentoring to others, and the positive effects his six goals have had on the lives of young people. Thanks to Segal for sharing his incredible story of overcoming obstacles and showing how others can do the same! I recommend this book to ALL- young or old.

-John D.

Louisville, KY

This well written book should be on every high school (even middle/junior high school) required reading list. This is not a book about making money. It is a book about making the right decisions to control the direction of a person's life. It speaks of the consequences of the wrong decisions while guiding the process to make the right ones. It is never scolding but instead offers ways to redirect those that may have made poor decisions to get them back on the right track. But not only should it be read, it should be discussed (ideally in a group setting). The author uses anecdotal stories in his own life to show how he made some erroneous decisions but managed to right his ship when it was beginning to sink. Although the word 'Rich' in the title has a tie to monetary success, it really points to creating happiness through finding abundance-financially, spiritually and emotionally. This book is one of the most hope-driven books out there and it is highly recommended. Read it, then share it.

-R. Hines

Kansas City, KS

This book goes beyond current best sellers—Hillbilly Elegy, Heartland—which so poignantly describe the plight of decline in middle-American life. Poor Smart Rich is a book which shows young Americans how their own choices in life can lead to an exciting and fulfilling future away from the decline—or alternatively back through the cycle of poverty. The author never reprimands the young but relentlessly places the likely results of their own choices before them. If you are concerned about America and American youth, this book provides something you can do about it. Read it, teach it (there are notes for group discussion in the back), and give it to young people.


Chicago, IL

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